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New documentary in production for Easter 2022. Watch this space.

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Who is the figure depicted on the cloth?

"It is either the most awesome and instructive relic of Jesus Christ in existence or it is the most ingenious, unbelievably clever, product of the human mind and hand on record. It is one or the other. There is no middle ground." Author, John Walsh
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David Rolfe and crew filming the Shroud in 2009

Rolfe has made a study of the subject through four documentaries made over a period of over forty years starting with The Silent Witness, winner of a British Academy Award and many other international prizes. In 2009 he was given permission to film the Shroud in HD for the first time. If you think the C14 test carried out in 1988 was the last word on the subject view his A Grave Injustice below. For information about the new film now in production use the contact details below.

David Rolfe
Performco Ltd
Town Hall
Penn Road
Beaconsfield, HP9 2PP

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