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Whatever your goal our coaching will get you there - even if we first have to establish what that goal should be.
David Rolfe and Associates, Performance Coaches for Life, Education and Work.

The Process

We harness a tried and tested systematic analysis of where you are in relation to your goal as you perceive it now or how it comes into focus during stage one. The following two stages raise your own awareness of what needs to be achieved and then generates an appreciation of the responsibility necessary to see it to fruition. The fourth and final stage is the most important as it elicits precisely what you will do to proceed to the next level. It sounds a lot but it can all be accomplished within a one hour session. It may be all you need and for some it is. I do not generate "dependence" but will be there if you need me.

Background to Performco

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Experience counts

David Rolfe is a BAFTA-winning filmmaker and pioneer in performance coaching having discovered it when commissioned to make a documentary about its emergence from the USA in the early '90s. He adopted it to help manage the production teams under his direction and, together with his business partner, Paul Kent, established the first full-service performance coaching business in the UK. Clients included Barclays and NatWest Banks, Woolwich Building Society, TAG Heuer and AstraZeneca. Partners and practitioners included champion racing driver Sir John Whitmore and Olympic champion David Hemery, MBE.

Coaching attracts many practitioners who learn how to use various coaching techniques. However, a good technique can only take their clients so far. It is only when that technique is married with a deep experience of the opportunities and pitfalls that life can present that the full range of positive coaching outcomes can be realised.

Who it is for

Anyone facing some kind of hurdle, real or perceived, or who simply wants to become the best version of themselves. Start early! We specialise in assisting anyone of any age wrestling with decisions about future education or career moves. The answer will always be within. It is just a matter of locating it.

Where and when

In short, where and when it suits you. In an ideal world, the first session would be personal. We are based in the Chilterns in the UK but if that is too far to travel Skype or Zoom works well enough. In practise, you can be anywhere in the world.


Young people staring into the void that is their future but with little sense of which direction of travel to take. Often, just a single session will stir the ambition and will to succeed that had laid dormant waiting to fight its way out. Very satisfying for all concerned.

Contact: David Rolfe, Performco, Town Hall, Penn Road, Beaconsfield HP9 2PP